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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Value of Data Wrangled

In the Trifacta Blog.  Always important element of doing the analytics.  by Joe Scheuermann  

"... Before data can be analyzed, it must be wrangled (prepped) into the requisite format for the analysis you want to run, especially if you need to blend data from various datasets or sources. This step creates a bottleneck or, worse, an impasse that prevents organizations from harnessing and using the potential of their data to enable data-driven decisions.

Data wrangling has historically been the exclusive domain of skilled data scientists—though, even for trained data scientists, this step can take as much of 80% of an analysis cycle. And because the demand for technical talent far outweighs the supply, the bottleneck in marketing data analytics is compounded.

But help is on the way. A recent influx of emerging data technologies has democratized the process of data wrangling, making it easier for marketers to get hands-on with the data they need to drive results. ... " 

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