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Monday, December 11, 2017

AI is Still not Broadly Impressive

Or is that we are not as intelligent as we thought?  Are we fooled by the very implications in the term:  AI.  Seems this happened once before.   Hype and Bubble?   Ok, some of us have taken to using the term Machine Learning (ML) to try to make the point more precise.   But its not really general learning either, its carefully scrubbed and selected data, manipulated with selected algorithms.   Impressive results,  increasingly useful,  but is it intelligence?    Or Creative.  Or have we been fooled by ourselves? 

Progress in AI isn’t as Impressive as You Might Think

A new report gauges how far we’ve come, dampening ideas that machines are approaching human-type intelligence.

In Technology Review, by Will Knight   Which has a link to the original piece below. 

With so much excitement about progress in artificial intelligence, you may wonder why intelligent machines aren’t already running our lives.

Key advances have the capacity to dazzle the public, policymakers, and investors into believing that human-level machine intelligence may be just around the corner. But a new report (PDF), which tries to gauge actual progress being made, attests that this is far from true. The findings may help inform the discussion over how AI will affect the economy and jobs in the coming years. .... "

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