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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Autonomous Shopping: No Checkouts

So called autonomous, 'checkout-free' experience.     Like that being done with Amazon Go.  Note how other behavioral information can be derived from such interactions.  In Mashable.

 We experimented and provided support to IBM's research work in this area, called BlueEyes, in around 2005.   See tag below.

"  .... A startup is showing how its AI-powered store will change our shopping habits ... A startup called Standard Cognition is experimenting with using machine learning and cameras to create an automated checkout experience.   ... "

See also the demo video at Standard Cognition, which has a more detailed demonstration of the system in action.

(Update) It comes to mind that I have observed my local Kroger getting crowded with workers assembling pickup orders. Could this process be improved by robotics and order interaction with image recognition?  Likely.

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