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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

New and Dynamic Category Management

Spent a big part of a whole career in the analytics of this space.     How new and dynamic are the changes?    Considerable.    Excellent in further discussion in link below.

The next logical step for category management  by Mark Heckman  in Retailwire.

"The reality is that category management has become increasingly complex based upon omnichannel consumer expectations."

Comment by: Chris Petersen, PhD.President, Integrated Marketing Solutions

Recent radical changes in shopper behavior are putting pressure on category management practices to further adapt to the new dynamics of retail. .... 

Amazon.com and other online retail players are now undeniably on brick-and-mortar stores’ competitive radar. Further, new smaller and more efficient physical store competitors — from limited-assortment grocers to dollar stores — are on the march with aggressive growth plans. So how do these new competitive dynamics affect category management practices? .... " 

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