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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Lifelong CEO Learning

For a while was responsible for answering questions from execs on technology, and connecting them to broader resources, this blog was part of that, but it does make sense to schedule learning more formally.  Even making sure the questions are formulated in a timely and useful manner is not a given.

Putting lifelong learning on the CEO agenda
By Amy Edmondson and Bror Saxberg in Mckinsey

In an open letter to business leaders, a Harvard Business School professor and a learning engineer at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative present an emphatic case to make learning a corporate priority.

If you are anything like most corporate leaders we know, you say (and mean) the right things when it comes to learning, such as “Our people are our most valuable asset, and their development is a top priority.” But if you are honest with yourself, you also know that your actions often emphasize financial over human capital, and you may leave it to individuals to find the learning opportunities they need. That worked, sort of, when people spent most of their time “doing” rather than “thinking,” “creating,” or “deciding.” .... " 

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