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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Cognitive Services, Intelligent Chatbots call for Papers

Brought to my attention by Amit Sheth,   LexisNexis Ohio Eminent Scholar

Cognitive Services and Intelligent Chatbots

Final submissions due: 01 May 2018, Publication issue: March/April 2019

Please email the guest editors a brief description of the article you plan to submit by 01 April 2018.

Guest Editors: Amit Sheth (Kno.e.sis-Wright State University), Arun Iyengar (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center), Paul Tepper (Nuance Communications) (ic2-2019@computer.org)

Call for Papers

Online cognitive services are services (usually Web/cloud hosted) that broadly speaking incorporate intelligence in services using AI including Knowledge Graph, NLP and Machine Learning (ML) techniques.  For example, IBM Watson Cognitive Services can understand natural language, analyze the sentiment in text, recognize the content of images, convert text to speech and vice versa, identify tones present in text, convert documents to different formats, and perform several other intelligent actions. Similarly, Microsoft Cognitive Services are APIs that extract key phrases and sentiment from text, convert voice to text, describe objects in images and video, understand intent and entities in natural language and perform several other things. 

A close cousin that incorporates intelligent behavior while interacting with humans are intelligent chatbots, digital assistants, and conversational systems.  Increasingly AI, including semantic, cognitive and perceptual computing techniques, along with ML and NLU, NLP and NLG, are used to provide better context for richer and more natural interactions. The special issue is open to applications and use cases in any domain. Examples in the health domain include emotionally intelligent cognitive assistants to help people with Alzheimer’s disease and Medical chatbots that deal with a specific domain such as health (e.g., Your.MD and many others), or even specialize on a specific subdomain incorporating deeper knowledge, such as specializing in a specific disease (e.g., mental health counsellor).

This special issue seeks papers from both industry and academia that describe all aspects of cognitive services and intelligent chatbots.  Relevant topics include but are not limited to: .....   (See link above for complete statement and submission addresses ) 

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