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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Google Stops Tango

Surprised at this.  Tango had impressed me as a way to really understand spaces, analyze them, and intelligently augment them.  Rather than just paste in an image.   Lets hope some of that shows up in ARCore

Google kills augmented reality project Tango to focus on ARCore    By Mark Jansen in DigitalTrends

" ... Tango was always an ambitious project, with big plans for the medical world or as an interactive tour guide in museums. Recently, HoloLens and Tango were used to create a life-like tank experience for guests of the World of Tanks TankFest 2017 event.

Unfortunately for those few who did adopt Tango, it seems the extreme high-end nature of the platform was its stumbling block. Hopefully Google will look to import much of what made Tango great into ARCore.  .... " 

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