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Thursday, December 28, 2017

A look at AI Startups

The list of startups is interesting because it shows development directions.  But it is also dependent on the definition of 'AI', and context of applications.

Artificial Intelligence Startups Redefining Industries in CBInsights.

The 100 startups on our list have raised $11.7B in aggregate funding across 367 deals.

Today, CB Insights unveiled the second annual AI 100 —  a list of 100 of the most promising private companies applying artificial intelligence algorithms across 25+ industries, from healthcare to cybersecurity — at the A-Ha! conference in San Francisco.

The companies were selected from a pool of 2,000+ startups based on several criteria, including investor profile, tech innovation, team strength, patent activity, mosaic score, funding history, valuation, and business model.

The market map below categorizes the AI 100 companies based on their industry focus. .... " 

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