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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Computers, Cognition and Perspective

Intriguing thoughts.   Why do we always use human descriptive terms to tag computer 'Apps',  skills, and what are the implications?  Pretty obviously we start with existing understanding.

Human Acts and Computer Apps   By Robin K. Hill

In the discussion of recent decades concerning the relationship between human cognition and machine computation, one perspective predominates—starting from the point of view of the computation, we probe the possible applications to cognition. That is, we describe cognition in computational terms. My own view, outlined in previous blog posts, is that computation fashions artifacts that the philosophy of computer science can view in the terms of human affairs and humanities perspectives. Hence, I interrogate the ontology of algorithms [Hill 2016a], ask whether nature uses data [Hill 2016b] and whether fiction is model theory [Hill 2016c].

Recently, in Communications, we've seen a couple of articles that elaborate the human-computer analogy from this latter point of view, sketching a computing phenomenon (narrower than computation itself) and then interpreting it in quotidian human affairs, as literally as possible. While these ideas are not new, the way these works pose the concepts aligns with my view—for which the authors cannot be held responsible, of course.     .... "

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