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Friday, June 05, 2015

Cognitive Computing MOOC

Via Jim Spohrer.  Looks to cover considerable depth.

Learn about Cognitive Computing in your spare time

IBM MOOC titled "Cognitive Computing -- Question Answering Technologies behind IBM Watson" 

We have designed a massive open online course (MOOC) on the question answering technologies behind IBM’s original Watson Jeopardy!® system. This MOOC is taught directly by developers of the system and based on a Columbia University graduate course that Alfio Gliozzo taught for two years. It covers background concepts needed to understand IBM’s Watson Jeopardy!® system and cognitive technologies. Topics include: Deep QA Architecture, Semantic Integration and Machine Learning, NLP, Unstructured Information Management Architecture, Structured Knowledge in Watson, Domain Adaptation, and Distributional Semantics.   ... 

This MOOC is accessible from "Learn the Technology"in http://ibm.com/watsonacademy and a 1.5-minute course trailer at http://ibm.co/1yCV7QZ

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