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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Design Key to the Connected Home

How very true,   Even in small tests we did the complexity rose quickly.  I am now testing several home systems.   Design exists at the high level aesthetic level, and at the detailed standards level.  Good thoughtful challenge piece in Wired,

When Our Homes Become Connected, Designers Will Save Us
" ... Designers have a crucial role in how this shakes out. As opposed to merely looking at products in terms of efficiency or profit, designers are trained, at least theoretically, to be sensitive to a broader spectrum of issues. They’re the ones who are supposed to think about how products fit into our lives and society at large. And more and more, they’re in a position to bring those considerations to bear on how a product is developed. In territory as vast, lucrative, and unknown as the Internet of Things (IoT), that’s a hugely important responsibility. Thankfully, some designers already are thinking hard about the job and the potential pitfalls of designing for our newly connected world. ... " 

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