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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Elastic Cognitive Computing

" ... Schahram Dusdar gave a very interesting presentation today on "Elastic Cognitive Computing" as part of our Cognitive Systems Institute Speaker Series. Please continue the conversation here with Schahram, who's published works are posted here: dsg.tuwien.ac.at To listen to a recording of Schahram's talk today,  ....  Slides.    How people, software and things can be connected with  'elastic computing', A means of flexible and adaptive interaction?  A term I had not heard of.    A way to think about elements that need to be connected in new ways.   Researching this more with some of the references posted here.    See the WP definition of elastic computing, relating it to cloud computing, or needing elastic resources.  But I am seeing it beyond just adaptable resources in the cloud.

Links via Dianne Fraher Fodell Program Director, IBM Global University Programs

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