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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Amazon Echo Installed and Experienced

Now 6 months after request  I have an installed Amazon echo called Alexa in the kitchen.   A smart Pringles can.  Requires Wifi and AC. Fairly easy to install, but has some Wifi requirements you may not have.  It's most easily described as a voice activated, hands free music player.

 Fairly good sound quality in small to medium size room. Very Siri like, but you don't have to find the phone.  Nicely done.  Also connects to many other services, Like iHeartRadio, Pandora, Tunein and Audible. usually ones that do not require a screen, since it has none. But it can send info, and records choices on an associated phone App.  Sometimes inconsistent in what it finds in media.

I can say "Alexa ... add broccoli to my shopping list"  and it will.  Not many interpretation errors yet ...  It's newly placed on the kitchen shelf, always listening. (?)  Little apparent personalization, but you can say some things to it and get responses that make it seem 'human'.  You can't buy it directly yet, but can get on the beta list.  Walter Riker is the only other person I know who has one.

Recall I started musing about possible non home applications. Office, Hospital?   Any ideas?  Your innovative ideas are appreciated.   More on the Amazon Echo.

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