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Monday, June 29, 2015

Innovation Addiction and Confused Consumers

In RetailWire, by Tom Ryan:

A.G. Lafley, Procter & Gamble's CEO, believes that the continual push by retailers for more product innovation is leading to an overload of choices for shoppers.

"I don't think the shopper or consumer sees it as innovative — the innovation that matters is the innovation she buys," Mr. Lafley said last week at the Consumer Goods Forum global summit in New York, according to Fortune.

His comments came as P&G last August announced plans to shed up to 100 brands to focus on the 80-to-90 percent that generate 95 percent of profits and 90 percent of sales. While looking to create a more profitable and responsive company, the move is also designed to meet the needs of consumers. ... " 

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