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Friday, June 19, 2015

All Things Data

BiCorner on all things data.  Some good topics.   It is all about data.   By Jeffrey Strickland.

" ... Data Scientist, Analytic Scientist, Statistician, Operation Research Analyst, Predictive Modeler, … They are all very different… or are they?

We often focus on differences to delineate our profession and what we can bring to the analytical table to feast upon. Yes there are differences, but let’s try something novel. Let’s focus on the similarities. What do we all have in common? Data!

Is it a surprise that the Administration has appointed a Chief Data Scientist (congratulation Dr. Patil), or is it more surprising that it took so long? Everyone else has a chief data scientist or a “chief someone who uses data to do good stuff with”. After all, it doesn’t really matter that you have a bunch of data, or that you have a fancy title. What matters is whether you can turn that data into useful information that is used and results in making the business, the industry, the government and/or the country better off tomorrow than it was yesterday. ... " 

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