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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Re Thinking the Database

Can the Database be made fundamentally easier to work with?  Democratizing its power.    In SiliconAngle:

" ... Databases aren’t for everyone. They’re incredibly complex things to work with, and generally only those with the requisite expertise and training even contemplate doing so.

But that might change if Airtable has its way. The startup is aiming to make databases so simple that even those with just basic computer skills will be able to use them. The idea is a simple one – Airtable works like a spreadsheet, but gives users the organizational power that only a database affords. On Monday, the company announced it had secured $7.6 million in series A funding ....  " 

Simple database systems have been around since the start of personal computing.   Its connecting these to working system architecture reliably that can be complex.

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