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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

New Apple IOS Threatens Advertising

Will we see more of this kind of advertising blocking, coming from a change in our definition of privacy?    And will that privacy then be enforced by the operating system?   Where is the line between information delivery and privacy intrusion drawn?  Saw this same question asked when the only dynamic advertising was on TV and Radio.   Will an answer be ready?

Apple's Latest IOS Update is Bad News for Advertisers
As Part of a User Privacy Initiative, Apple just made it a lot harder to place advertising in mobile Apps. .... Apple is making big, privacy-friendly changes to the way iPhone and iPad apps work—and many developers probably won’t like them. The Information reported today that Apple is taking steps to prevent app developers from accessing data generated by other apps. This data is used to target ads shown to users by major apps like Twitter, as well as tens of thousands of less popular products. ... " 

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