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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Description of Blog and Work

I have been running a public blog since I was at Procter & Gamble in 2000.  It covers advanced digital innovation topics.  Often what we were experimenting with, but also a what we were tracking to understand and explore along with our internal and external clients. It formed a place where we parked many issues that were eventually delivered in our innovation centers.   The blog continues today, with thousands of old and new followers.

Often when I first talk to a company or person I will post a note about their internet presence here, and then follow with more detail.  I will sometimes tell a 'complete' story here, but usually only its outline. Connect if you want more.  I regret that sometimes old links will not work, I cannot correct them all.

The blog covers topics like Commerce, Analytics, AI, Cognition, Knowledge Management and Machine learning.  Also how the work being done today relates to our previous work in knowledge management and expert systems.   Successes and Failures.    Join me in this blog.   Suggest areas of interest.  I am available to talk, advise , consult or work  about anything you see there,  independently or as part of a team.     Join me in the continued Augmenting and Scaling of our work with new technology, data and technique.

Franz A. Dill
PKL Knowledge Partners LLC -  Data Decision Scientist
Cognitive Systems Institute
Advanced Analytics Consulting
Blog: http://eponymouspickle.blogspot.com
Short Bio: http://tinyurl.com/pabggc2
Twitter: @FranzD
Cincinnati, Ohio Area

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