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Friday, June 19, 2015

SAS Automates Data Analysis

The analytics giant SAS, long our standard in the enterprise, decides to take a hand in automating data science,  In CWorld.  How will this change the role of the data scientist?   Note the emphasis on speed.  Accuracy?  Much more on this topic in tag below.

" .... SAS wants to supercharge your business analysis, through new software that automatically builds multiple models of data and picks those that best predict future events.

"If you take too long coming up with a model, you lose a lot of value," said Sascha Schubert, SAS technology marketing director, speaking of today's competitive environment. "You want to be efficient in your analytics."

With a customer base of over 75,000 organizations, SAS has long been known for its advanced statistical analysis software. With this new offering, called SAS Factory Miner, the company is trying to go one step further to help its customers, by generating models for their data. ...  " 

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