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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Cisco Announces Six Pillars of IOT

Cisco unveils 15 products, six pillars to address the growing complexity of the internet of things deployments

In ComputerWeekly: 

" .....Networking kingpin Cisco has moved to capitalise on the opportunities presented by the internet of things (IoT) by launching 15 products under the banner of the Cisco IoT System.

Cisco’s own forecasts claim that despite being on course to see 50 billion devices and objects connected to the internet of things by 2020, at present 99% of “things” are not connected.
It said the wave of digitisation set to take place over the next five years would introduce unprecedented levels of complexity, and enterprises would struggle to realise the value of the IoT without the application of advanced data analytics and the introduction of ever more intelligent applications.

Cisco said its IoT System would address this complexity with an infrastructure that was designed to “manage large-scale systems of diverse endpoints and platforms, and the data deluge they create”.

Six pillars: 

IoT System is based around six technology elements, or pillars, which Cisco sees as critical to the success of the IoT. .... " 

Cisco Press Release.

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