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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Online Data Science Apprenticeship

Live and ready, just updated, DSC's online apprenticeship.  Have scanned their work and it seems to be well done.  Impressed by the work that DSC has done providing information about data science topics in general.  Worth a look,  Get started here.

" ... This is an ideal program for professionals with a quantitative background and some industry experience - in a nutshell, for anyone who understands our cheat sheet and can get started using it. This program is for self-learners. Completed projects, submitted to and reviewed by Dr. Vincent Granville, will be featured, published, and promoted on our network, reaching out to the largest audience of data science decision makers, peers and hiring managers. Examples of such projects can be found here and here.

Ideal for people who want to change career paths, consultants, people managing data scientists, or students starting an analytic degree. In short, the easy way to become a data scientist for educated self-learners.

Free from unnecessary advanced matrix algebra or obscure, confusing, misused stats developed before the era of computers (p-value, GLM, model-based predictive analytics). Instead focusing on building automated, black-box, simple, scalable, efficient, robust, high ROI solutions for many modern applications (API's,  machine-to-machine communications and real time), leveraging distributed architectures as needed, and using a unified cross-disciplinary approach. Applications: IoT, digital (mobile) and web data, marketing, risk management, operations research, finance, bioinformatics, healthcare, environmental data science, engineering, business analytics, model-free predictive analytics, business optimization, big data and more.   .... " 

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