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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Big Beacon Radio

Hi Franz, 

Thank you for being a valued connection here on LinkedIn, and I've got news of a new radio program that may be of special interest to you. 

It's called Big Beacon Radio--Transforming Higher Education, and the show airs on Sundays at 1pm, ET, and is available on podcast( http://bit.ly/1c5v5fP) and iTunes (http://apple.co/1Gr2vD) as well. Each month, I have different themes and guests, and I hope you'll take a mnute to listen to the program. 

Two shows are already available: 
April: Olin College: A Whole New Kind of Engineering Education, Rick Miller, President Olin College http://bit.ly/1c5v5fP 
May: Dan Pink: Educating for a Whole New World of Work, Dan Pink & Mark Somerville http://bit.ly/1c5v5fP 

This month, Big Beacon Radio hosts John Kotter, noted change management expert (show airs Sunday, June 28, 1pm ET. http://bit.ly/1dU1J5J 

If you have ideas for a show theme or guest, please send those thoughts to me on LinkedIn or email (deg@bigbeacon.org). I hope you'll tune in and share Big Beacon Radio with your collegues and friends. 

Wishing you a great summer, 
Dave E Goldberg 

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