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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Google Hires more Artificial Intelligence

In Wired:  More indication that Google is very interested in the topic.  Hiring Geoff Hinton.  He was a person we watched closely during our long exploration of the use of neural nets for learning.  Was unaware of some of the background provided here.  How will we achieve deep learning? The intent:  " ... Where will this next generation of researchers take the deep learning movement? The big potential lies in deciphering the words we post to the web — the status updates and the tweets and instant messages and the comments — and there’s enough of that to keep companies like Facebook, Google, and Yahoo busy for an awfully long time. The aim to give these services the power to actually understand what their users are saying — without help from other humans. “We want to take AI and CIFAR to wonderful new places,” Hinton says, “where no person, no student, no program has gone before.” ... " 

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