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Monday, January 27, 2014

Google Buys DeepMind for AI

An early application I examined was the analysis and tagging of images.   A look was taken at the AI based company DeepMind, which is known for simulation and gaming intelligence.   Now Google has bought the company, apparently to enhance search.  The description of their intelligent method below is of interest:

" ... Although Google has not elaborated on why it has bought the firm - and on past form it probably won't - two US patents filed by DeepMind Technologies on 16 January offer some clues.
Both patents cover intelligent ways to improve the process of "reverse image search", the notion of uploading a picture to a search engine so that it can find similar ones. This is already possible on Google's image search page but it often retrieves amusingly irrelevant images. To improve this, in US patent filing 2014/0019484 , DeepMind engineers Benjamin Coppin and Mustafa Suleyman reveal a different trick: allow the user to input two images, let the algorithm find similarities between them, and then search for those instead. ... " 

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