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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Home Telepresence Robotics

In IEEE Spectrum.  I recall seeing these proposed for conferences, but never saw one in operation.  We examined something similar for warehouse inventory.  Appears very cheap ... but would it work well?  How could it be used in the retail aisle?

" .... At the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month, IEEE Spectrum got a peek at the newest telepresence robot from Silicon Valley robotics startup Suitable Technologies. It's called the Beam+, and while it does just about everything that the original Beam can do, the new Beam+ wasn't created for offices or conference settings—it's designed to be used at home. A person who's away from home or lives far away can remotely connect to the robot, drive it around, see what it sees, and talk and interact with family and friends. Suitable is offering the first thousand Beam+ robots for US $995, with units expected to start shipping in the middle of this year. Would you use a telepresence robot at home? ... " 

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