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Friday, January 31, 2014

Systems to Prevent Deception Fail

A discussion of systems that are meant to prevent deception and unethical behavior.  In Knowledge@Wharton.  A topic in any system that is meant to gather human data when there are rewards and consequences.   Will cognitive science ultimately solve this?   Neuromarketing is an attempt to deal with this.  Now from a forthcoming book:

" ... Wharton professor Maurice E. Schweitzer found quite the opposite in a recent research study. He says that unethical behavior not only can leave no negative emotional reaction but also can, in fact, trigger positive feelings.

Schweitzer, along with co-authors Nicole E. Ruedy at the University of Washington Foster School of Business, Celia Moore at the London Business School and Francesca Gino at Harvard Business School, discuss this result in “The Cheater’s High: The Unexpected Affective Benefits of Unethical Behavior,” to be published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. ... " 

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