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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Furniture Augmented Reality

Now an App from the prolific Augmented Pixels company.  Think of these applications as mixing real life contexts and digital contexts.   Note some similarities to the AR applications included in the IKEA catalogs.  Will be testing.

See other App delivered augmented reality applications by Augmented Pixels.

" ... What is ShowInRoom about?

Shop furniture at home feeling comfortable that ‘what you see’ is ‘what you will get’ at time of delivery, fewer returns and more satisfied buyers.  Retailers are enabled to showroom products across the entire spectrum of colors and styles without the need to stock them ... 

This January Augmented Pixels announces a release of a mobile solution for the furniture retail called ShowInRoom that enables virtual furniture showcasing in any place using Augmented Reality.

...  See the video:   The app is free and available for iPad. The furniture catalog is being updated with more brands.

Full press release     

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