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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Playing the Varied Games of Life

I had heard of the startup Knack.  The HBR discusses the process of evaluating the game of life.   And evaluate how you play this game.  Is this useful mostly for HR, or for self evaluation during your career?  Can it be adapted for different roles or industries?  This is being called ' Talent Analytics', had not heard the term itself, but we used statistics actively to understand HR decisions. The article contains a long and interesting discussion.    Also note it is an excellent example of gamification and simulation.  Both topics frequently covered here.


Mike Kennedy said...

I think what the article talks about is the gamification segment of 'talent analytics' but doesn't highlight the work being done in predictive talent analytics and significant ROI. Would be happy to chat and tell you more if you'd like.

Franz Dill said...

OK Mike,
How do I get hold of you to talk? Contact me via my email address in the top of left hand column. Or via twitter at @FranzD. Look forward to a chat.