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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Current Trends in Visualization

In Computing Now:  A snapshot of current trends in visualization.  

" ... For this issue of Computing Now, we gathered a set of articles that exemplifies current trends in computer-generated visualization. The field of visualization was benchmarked in 1987 with a landmark report, entitled "Visualization in Scientific Computing," which was prepared by the (US) National Science Foundation (NSF) Panel on Graphics, Image Processing, and Workstations. That report set out the vision for developing visualization as a scientific field. Over the past 25 years, the field has expanded to encompass three major subfields — namely, scientific visualization, information visualization, and visual analytics — as well as many domain-specific areas, such as geo-information visualization, biological data visualization, and software visualization.

The five articles featured in this issue of Computing Now represent the best visualization research in recent years. Some demonstrate visualization's significant role as a ubiquitous technology that impacts nearly every walk of life. Others reflect the current and emerging trends in visualization and its subfields. ... " 

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