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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

AcuPoll for Tracking Ideas and Decisions

Spoke last week to Jeff Goldstein of AcuPoll.  We had used some of their in-conference technologies to understand how people decide.   The also do online polling.   Better decisions based on understanding strength of ideas.   See also their blog.  He writes:

" ... AcuPOLL® was created by Procter & Gamble brand management veterans and technologists in 1991 to solve a major problem – the cost and delay of market research was a huge barrier to innovation success.  And innovation is the lifeblood of companies and the employees and communities that depend on them. ... " 

" ... Our focus is "greater clarity, better decisions" helping clients increase success in new product and major marketing initiatives.  I think the two things we most pride ourselves on is 1) we work to help clients better understand the strengths of their ideas, using one of the largest initiative database in the world (nearly 50,000), who likes them, and what drives them, giving them more in-depth understanding than the industry, and 2) our unique AcuPOLL Live! qual/quant approaches we talked about, with our Predictive Qualitative™methodology which grew 80% last year and helps develop stronger initiatives, faster.  See  http://www.acupoll.com/live-sessions.htm   and http://www.acupoll.com/acupoll-optimization.htm for our methodologies and http://www.acupoll.com/accupol-results.htm for results. ... "

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