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Monday, August 19, 2013

Science and Search

In Ars Technica:  How media influences how science is perceived.   In the past it was about how science was influenced by the popular press. Now the ubiquity of links and search and social strongly influence how the public sees science.   And how that perception can be manipulated.  " ... The 2012 report also challenged the view that individuals were simply using the Web versions of newspapers to get their information about science. Almost half of respondents relied on online sources rather than traditional ones: blogs, social networks, and Internet searches. Data suggests that scientists are also starting to rely on these alternative channels to stay up to date with developments in their fields. In 2010, one in five American neuroscientists reported using blogs to follow news about scientific issues, and one in four physicians used social media at least once daily to stay current on medical information and innovations. ... " 

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