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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tablets as Cash Machines

From the BBC: Using tablets as cash machines. Progress in the UK:   " The ATM of the future? " ... There are 66,134 cash machines in operation across the UK - an all-time high - yet they have changed little since they first appeared on the High Street in 1967. As payment methods move digital, so cash machines will need to develop from the terminals that we have all become used to, experts say.

The main challenge comes from the smartphone. Mobile banking allows customers to check balances, organise transfers, make swift payments between friends in restaurants or pay the local tradesman. The answer from the industry, it appears, is to make the cash machine more like a smartphone. A recent cash machine jamboree in London featured a host of prototype terminals that had the look, and feel, of oversized smartphones or tablet computers. ... " 

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