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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Decisions, Data and Predictive Models: Conversations

Letting Data be Your Compass:  by Rob F. Walker. Nicely thought out piece on data, decisions and predictive models. Using the word prediction brings your models directly into the decision making process.  I always emphasize this in engagements.

I like in particular how he says prediction is not stand-alone, but relates to a conversation:  " ... What is required is a next-best action, real-time decision making that inserts itself in the conversation every single time something changes: when the customer is acting, reacting, or getting upset. Any such change should cause a re-evaluation of the state of the conversation, and possibly a change of tack ... " 

I use the notion of establishing a story line to a decision interaction, and mapping it out that way in early interviews.   Stories modified then modify decisions using data.

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