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Friday, August 16, 2013

Marketing and Augmented Reality

Have long been interested in the use of Augmented Reality for marketing, both in the store and in mobile.   Still early in its use, but it is evolving quickly now.   Good article on the topic in CMO.

" ... It's Not About The Technology

As with every other digital marketing innovation that has come along, marketers looking at AR can be subject to what Silva called the "bright, shiny object syndrome." Speaker after speaker advised that AR can't be an end in itself--that you have to think about the user benefit first. Uzzan described AR as an "enabler" only after you already have an idea.

Lisa Murphy, marketing manager at platform provider Metaio, put it this way: "The end consumer doesn't care about technology."

Murphy also said that the key to AR taking off as a marketing tool is "making digital a natural experience." During the "AR in Marketing and Advertising" session, the moderator asked what the most important trends in AR for marketing over the next 12 months would be. Murphy replied "usefulness"; Justin Farris, product manager at AR software developer GravityJack, replied, "compelling use cases"; and Scott Wellwood, VP at Total Immersion, said, "no gimmicks." ... ' 

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