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Monday, August 26, 2013

Google as Dictionary

Further convenience for those that use Google for search: " ... From now on, Google's word search results will include synonyms, sample sentences, and some description of the word's etymology. The more detailed results even include a chart demonstrating how commonly the word's been used over time. A small menu also gives you the chance to quickly translate the word into other languages, and you can tap on the microphone on the search bar to hear the results spoken aloud. .. "

Did a quick look at this and it works well.  You get the 'detailed' results by clicking on the down arrow in the center of the page.  The word usage plot over time is a further interesting feature.  As well as a word pronunciation function.

The only problem occurs when it is unclear if a word would naturally appear in either a dictionary or a encyclopedia.  You get more 'meta' information now if it's naturally a dictionary word.  A encyclopedia word drops through to articles from outside services like Wikipedia, which don't have the same information automatically.

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