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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Unified Environments for Big Data Analytics

A good piece by correspondent Bill Franks, whose book on the topic I previously reviewed.  It addresses some problems I am addressing in a project design  now.

" ... It is challenging to make big data simple to access and easy to analyze. While there are many reasons for this, the one I want to focus on here is that handling big data, given how big data projects are usually implemented today, requires users to learn new tools and technologies. This makes adoption a difficult and lengthy journey. ... We are reaching a crossroads in the world of analytics. Over the years, we have seen analytic environments and data environments begin to merge through the advent of in-database processing within relational database engines. This trend had been leading to a world where analytic professionals don’t have to worry about moving data or accessing different systems to perform analytics. They could simply run their analytic processes against the data where it sits using the tools they know best.  Scale could be added to analytic processes even while also simplifying them and using less system resources. ... " 

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