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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Software Defined Servers

Sent to me through a Vertica/Big Data connection.  I don't typically talk about standard software. Don't claim to understand it completely, but the integration of hardware to specific key software and workloads is intriguing.  So what then when the needs change?  By then the hardware is ready already on a change list ...

HP Moonshot
Speed, Scale and Specialization
The HP Moonshot System is like nothing else that exists today. It’s a huge leap forward in infrastructure design that addresses the speed, scale, and specialization needed for a "New Style of IT."

HP Moonshot web servers are designed and tailored for specific workloads to deliver optimum performance. These low power servers share management, power, cooling, networking, and storage. This architecture is key to achieving 8x efficiency at scale*, and enabling 3x faster innovation cycle. ..  "

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