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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

IBM DemandTec for Marketers

From IBM DemandTec, a good view of the need to construct valid shopper segmentation.  Why?  So we can use targeting to make sure the right consumer gets the most influential message.  The link goes to an infographic and further  information on this concept.

New techniques are now available to make it easier to do.  Relationship and social marketing allow the integration of new and precise marketing methods.  Linking this further to marketing mix methods, minimizes   cost to achieve a particular return.  To take this further.   And more at the link:

1. Use advanced science and shopper segmentation to better understand shifts in consumer demand and connect with individuals and segments rather than broad markets. Merchants can now surface those insights right at the point of decision of pricing, promotion and assortment activities. By recognizing that each shopper is unique and responds differently, revolutionary merchandisers can tailor strategies to focus on their most valuable shopper segments – providing differentiation at the shelf and a real path to category growth.

2. Stay relevant with intelligent targeting
Invest in capabilities designed to manage the entire promotion lifecycle – from analytics to deployment. Target promotions not with a broad brush, but by shopper segment through localized and automated ad versioning across virtually all customer touchpoints. An integrated planning environment can keep your marketing counterparts on the same page as your team throughout the planning cycle, translating into greater visibility, improved quality, and ultimately more time to focus on strategic issues.

3. Capture value, measure results
Increase marketing ROI by aligning assortment, price, promotion and marketing decisions in a unified planning environment. A common platform also allows you to work more effectively with your merchandising team counterparts – helping teams to plan for category growth, new shopper attraction and behavioral impact on key shopper segments while allowing you to tailor your marketing investment to achieve financial goals..... "

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