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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Social Powered Subscription Service

In  AdAge, another project from their social labs.  A social powered subscription service.  " ... The @WalmartLabs unit today is broadly launching Goodies Co., a $7-a-month box of gourmet, organic, ethnic and specialty snacks hand-selected by its own employees after a beta test with 3,000 users that started in June. Subscribers who are active enough in rating, reviewing and touting the products can get Goodies boxes for free. Later this month, @WalmartLabs plans a wider rollout of last year's experimental Shopycat gift-recommendation Facebook app, to be promoted on Walmart.com as "Walmart Gifts." Facebook users who download the app can use it to mine data on friends' likes and posts to generate gift recommendations from Walmart.com or elsewhere. ... " 

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