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Monday, November 05, 2012

Achieving Smarter Commerce: IBM and DemandTec

I have been following DemandTec (Now part of IBM) since they presented at our innovation centers soon after they were formed.  I was impressed by the deep analytics they were using.  Since then I have connected a number of times,  visited twice, and in the last few months have posted a number of items here about their progress.  Then last year it was announced that IBM had announced its intent to acquire DemandTec for their smarter commerce initiative.  An acquisition that makes considerable sense. I had also attended some of the IBM road show on analytics applications, and saw how they were seeking to tie together a number of acquisitions that could interlinked and then be leveraged to 'smart' capabilities in general.  What I saw looked good.  Here is another example of their views on marketing.  And how they link to IBM's smarter commerce initiative.

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