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Friday, November 23, 2012

IBM/DemandTec, New Partner Services

This is dated, but the application is interesting.  Just brought to my attention by a colleague.  We had looked at how competitive information could be integrated to analytic decision making.  In the past this was done on a 'what if' basis.  Using scenario planning methods.  Hand assembled and integrated data  with quantitative analyses.  Now the speed, breadth and volatility of the data required makes this difficult to do accurately.    The data involved is big and volatile.   There is also a requirement to infer intermediate conclusions to support the analytics.

" ... a collaborative optimization network for retailers and consumer products companies, have announced the availability of new services on the DemandTec network powered by new partners RivalWatch and FoodLink Online LLC.

Partner-enabled services are activated and delivered on the DemandTec network through the DemandTec Network Partner Program, providing a seamless experience for the community of 16,000 active network members. DemandTec customers will benefit from partner services that offer value-added content and functionality specifically designed to enrich and extend DemandTec capabilities. Partner services on the network leverage the strengths of a qualified partner ecosystem that closely aligns with the retail and consumer products industries, giving customers more flexibility and information to make business decisions.

"We've enjoyed a fruitful relationship with RivalWatch for more than two years and we believe the inclusion of RivalWatch's services on the DemandTec network will deliver significant value to the marketplace," said John Kittle, Retail Innovation and Analytics Manager at Ace Hardware. "There is a clear gap between competitive data and an analytical decision platform to activate competitive insights, and I'm excited to see how the new RivalWatch on DemandTec service fills the void." ... " 

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