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Friday, November 30, 2012

DemandTec/IBM Shopper Insights

Our own enterprise was devoted to the art and science of being shopper centric.   Decades of research allowed us to leverage that capability against the needs of the consumer.   Centricity was the key to making the system work effectively.  I discovered this piece in the Demandtec/IBM site which coves some of the same concepts.  And mirrors some of our own thinking.  They write:   " ... Of course each shopper is unique – and supporting shopper centricity gives you and your trading partners a competitive edge. But how do you actually harness key insights on the value of the shopper?  How do you offer the best rewards that truly excite consumers and drive long-term growth? ... " 

And how do you harness the insights?  This is once again a combination of running the numbers, doing the analytics, but also driving the insights with new design ideas to make them work.   In part this is about dividing up the problem properly:

... With IBM DemandTec Shopper Insights, you can take action on critical insights across the entire business planning lifecycle.  Set broad corporate strategies.  Determine key target segments. Collaborate with partners and flawlessly execute marketing and merchandising plans... 

The benefits are outlined:

"  ... Stand out from the competition by adopting more shopper-centric strategies
Understand consumer demand by shopper segment
Deliver actionable shopper insights at the point of decision ... " 

Utilizing new ideas at the point of decision was particularly important.  The First-moment-of-Truth was preached as the means to success.  As the first moment of truth crept  to different contexts and media, such as mobile and online,  the adjustments were made to capture these places with new designs and measure the results with the right data.

Note this is by its nature a big 'big data problem' (Volume, volatile, complex and real-time).  The dive using analytics needs to be deep, with the latest technologies.    We continue to win with these methods.

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