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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Mindhacks mentions an article in the NYTimes that I have not yet read, about advances in artificial intelligence.   Recall we did early work in using AI applied to research and manufacturing decision making in areas like blending, maintenance, diagnostics and other related human intelligence areas.   Mentioned is Geoffrey Hinton, a long time icon in the interaction of data and intelligence.   Hinton was particularly known for the linking of neural nets and learning systems.  We used some of his concepts and directions for application to learning systems that could be taught to do what humans achieve in the enterprise.   The brief outline of the work that he did was for integrating pharma research.  We did similar work with R&D concepts to develop new products for the enterprise.

The NYT article about deep learning is here.  Reading.  See Hinton's background at the U of Toronto with some descriptive information about his Pharma work.

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