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Friday, November 16, 2012

Mixed View of Self Checkout

A good overview of the phenomenon.   My own decade long observation has seen the idea grow quickly.   Some companies are embracing them, others are backing off their use.  Ultimately I think the integration of mobile and self-service will make this succeed universally.

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Doug Lautzenheiser said...

Just recently, the self-service checkout lanes at our local IKEA store disappeared.

When I asked, an employee said there had been instances where individuals left the store without ringing up all of the items on their cart.

At a grocery store, somebody might make off with a six-pack of soda on the bottom of the cart. At IKEA, a person could easily just not scan the box of a six-hundred dollar sofa.

A company like Kroger may cut payroll costs with a self-checkout model. At IKEA, however, it makes more sense for the store to handle purchases to prevent the loss of high-value items.