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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thomas Malone on Collective Intelligence

Thomas W Malone was a consultant for us for a number of years. here  he writes in the Edge on collective intelligence.  Of course our intelligence has always been collective, but now the opportunity is so much deeper and broader and volatile.   Big Intelligence?     We also now live in an era where we can assemble intelligence very quickly too.  In the past this was very time consuming.  Working on a project like that now. Malone writes:

" ... Pretty much everything I'm doing now falls under the broad umbrella that I'd call collective intelligence. What does collective intelligence mean? It's important to realize that intelligence is not just something that happens inside individual brains. It also arises with groups of individuals. In fact, I'd define collective intelligence as groups of individuals acting collectively in ways that seem intelligent. By that definition, of course, collective intelligence has been around for a very long time. Families, companies, countries, and armies: those are all examples of groups of people working together in ways that at least sometimes seem intelligent.... " 

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