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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Design plus Analytics

Have been re-reading The Design of Business: Why Design Thinking is the Next Competitive Advantage, by Roger Martin.   For background on a talk on innovation I am giving tomorrow.  What struck me in a second reading was how it mirrored by own career.  I came out of grad school as an analytics practitioner, and delivered insight using that method for many years.  Yet there is clearly a problem attempting to predict the future with past data, unless you can very strongly and accurately model the operation of a system in context.  All the failures we had resulted from not knowing how to model and thus understand the context.   If there were no contextual surprises, the analytical models worked fine.  But in the years we took hits, this was not the case.   I now see the inclusion of design processes as a means of doing this.   Not just design process, but a means of integrating analytics and design.

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