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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Eye Tracking for Marketing Research

The enterprise spent many years experimenting with eyetracking methods.  An early form of neuromarketing that originated in psychology departments.  I am starting to review some of the vendors that are out there integrating technology, marketing and analytics.  Here is one example, from IMotions.  They write:  " ...   This video showcases iMotions' eye tracking platform for market and neuromarketing research. You can revolutionize your market research by pre-testing your communication material with eye tracking before they hit the market and gain insights to choose the marketing campaigns with the largest and most effective ROI. FMCG corporations can greatly benefit from eye tracking in combination with external bio-sensors such as EEG and GRS by knowing how their packaging, print ads, Tv ads and point of sale material will perform with the consumer. ...  " 

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