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Sunday, July 08, 2012

PowerHouse Factories: Brand Culture Plus Data with Analytics

Reconnected this past week with PowerHouse Factories.  Impressed by their linking branding with data and analytics.   Build the brand, but immediately link in how you plan to improve the brands operation.  And utilize all the social connections possible to make that work.   Makes sense.

" ... The fundamental relationship of brands and consumers has changed. People are asking more from their brands: to be more connected. To be more conversational. To be more relevant to their everyday lives. To be more human.

Or as we like to think of it, Culture-Led, Data-Fed Brand Building. Most companies do one or the other – we can’t imagine one without the other. Neither one alone can paint a complete picture.

Culture-Led: anticipating trends and uncovering insights, often using some of the most unlikely methods. Our Factory model keeps us a little ahead of the curve, yielding insights that have helped clients in laundry detergent, micro-brew beer and flooring to name a few.

Data-Fed: businesses and brands now have more data than they often know what to do with. We lower the signal-to-noise ratio to find the deeper patterns: rich segmentation, which products to put on sale, when to open that extra cash register to improve the shopping experience, and how often to run a coupon.

Brand Building: armed with insights from culture and data, we put them into action: brand architecture, co-creating a new product, identity development, brand meaning, social media, blogger conferences, digital advertising, skywriting – we’ve got your back.... "

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