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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More on Disappearing Checkout Lines

From Kioskmarketplace:   This reminds me of the considerable work we did in our retail lab well before the emergence of the smartphone.  Kiosks were the rage, and we were loaned several to use them in the aisle, mostly for prepared food ordering.    Now are they mobile POS?  Or will this eventually evolve to shopper owned Bring-your-own-device smartphone scanners?  Link via Kevin Judd.

" ... The store of the future will not feature long check-out lines or any lines for that matter, according to retail experts and a recent survey from CompTIA predicting that traditional point-of-sale solutions will soon look archaic. Although only 13 percent of retailers polled said they're currently testing a mobile POS, another 19 percent said they will begin tests in the next 12 months. And that number will steadily climb over the next few years as retailers look for ways to provide customers with faster and better service, said John Kenney, SVP of business development for Stella Nova Technologies Inc. ... "

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