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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Analytics Magazine: Crowdsourcing, Forecasting, Time series

The July-August Issue of Analytics Mag is out.  Lots of useful coverage:

Margit Zwemer from Kaggle.com, in this issue's cover story, introduces us to research as a competitive sport. Crowdsourcing the full analytics value chain is the specialty of Kaggle. Kaggle brings together predictive analysts with companies that need their help in a fun and profitable way. ( Can Data Science be made into a sport?)

Brian Lewis guides us on a tour of collaborative forecasting, which enables companies to transition from periodic, disparate, and isolated forecasting activities to a single, real-time enterprise forecasting process.

Jack Yurkiewicz provides interesting trends, new developments, and valuable data from the 2012 forecasting software survey and directory of forecasting software vendors.

Gary Cokins compares skeptics, who are typically older and shaped by managing when errors were tolerated, with enthusiasts in the analytics and big data arena.

Subir Mansukhani delves into the predictability of time series. He shows us a statistical measure used to classify time series and infer the level of difficulty in predicting and choosing an appropriate model.

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